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SAN ANTONIO | 210-944-8111

Your orthodontic journey

What to expect during orthodontic treatment

Here Every Step of the Way

We’re in this together as collaborators and partners in your child’s orthodontic journey. We all want the same thing – to come out of treatment with a happy and healthy smile. To get there, we’ll work hand-in-hand so your child can get to that perfect smile as fast and comfortably as possible. We will be with you every step of the way.

How to Get Started

Step 1

Complimentary Evaluation

Come in for a free exam where we will determine your child’s specific orthodontic needs.

Step 2

Treatment Plan

We'll customize a treatment plan specific to your child's unique needs so you can get started with confidence.

Step 3

Your New Smile

With a little time and work, it'll be time to unveil your child's new masterpiece smile. Ta-daah!

Kind Words from Our Community

Every person on the team is super friendly and patient. My little guy had to have quite a bit of work done but they made him feel so comfortable and celebrated his bravery afterward. He went home telling everyone he wanted to go back to the dentist every day after school. You can tell they love what they do and they genuinely care, most importantly the kiddos can feel it!



My daughter and I love Dr. A. She is so kind and funny we would recommend this Ortho Office any day - it's the best hand down, and we can't forget about Dr. G he's also amazing!